Astraseal Buck the Trend

After 30 years in the business BCE customer Astraseal is still going strong. With sales up 11% year on year and a showroom opening every year for the last three years, it’s certainly a company bucking the trend.

Mark McMullan, Deputy Managing Director of Astraseal explains how the company has changed. “When we started out 30 years ago we only supplied our products to residential properties, but the markets are changing. Now 50% of our business is in the social housing sector and 5% is in New Build with the remaining 45% in domestic. But whichever sector we’re working in we want to provide the best, which is why we manufacture as much as possible in-house. Whether its windows, conservatories, vertical sliders, composite doors or sealed units, we manufacture as much as we can to maintain control over the quality of everything that leaves Astraseal. And where we don’t manufacture, we want to use suppliers we can trust.

“We use BCE for our roofline and window trims because it’s good value for money,” continues Mark. “It’s got a wide product range and holds a good stock of product. Equally important, BCE is reliable – it delivers when it says it will.

“Looking forward, we’re planning to open a showroom a year to continue o promote ourselves to the end user. We’ve already opened a showroom in Milton Keynes in May 2005, one in Northampton in May 2006 and in July this year we’ll be revealing our latest showroom in Bicester. The aim of the showrooms is to promote our products but also to make it easier for the homeowner to find what they’re looking for.”

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