Fascia & Glazing Supplies Celebrates 10 years with BCE

Fascia and Glazing Supplies Ltd is delighted to be celebrating its tenth year in business and ten years with BCE this year.

“We started using BCE when we established the company 10 years ago,” explains Bob Kempster, Joint Managing Director of Fascia Glazing Supplies Ltd. “Back then it was just me and my Partner, Darrell Johnson, who set up and ran the company between the two of us. Now we’re joint Managing Directors of a still thriving business with nine employees.

“We started using BCE all that time ago because it was the best product on the market in terms of quality, finish and style,” continues Bob. “As the market is aware, BCE has had its problems over the years, but as a customer through the bad times, the important thing to us is that the problems were addressed. We’re confident the new team at BCE can help us maintain the good level of business we’ve built up over the years through repeat business.

“The wide range of foiled products it now offers has taken off well, allowing us to stay ahead of the increasing demand for coloured building plastic products.”

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