BCE Team achieves Lean Sigma Qualification

As customers continue to demand even higher quality products, flexibility, shorter lead times and better value for money, the traditional ways of organising the manufacturing function are no longer adequate. That’s why BCE, positively different brand of PVC-UE building products, has sent four of its manufacturing team on a three month National Qualification in Lean Sigma.

Danny Rumsey, manufacturing Process Engineer at BCE, was one member of the team to achieve the qualification. “Lean Sigma provides practical solutions to problem solving and offers ideas on how to achieve results across a range of typical and not so typical work place problems,” Danny explains. “The course offered an overview of lean manufacturing, introduced key tools and techniques to help reduce waste and add value. Since completing the course we have already seen the benefits of using different objective approaches to problem solving before arriving at a result. The approach benefits our customers because we can offer an even more efficient service with more effective problem solving techniques in place.”

The other members of BCE’s manufacturing team to attend and pass the course were Tony Brightmore Manufacturing Process Engineer, Scott Sinclair Mixing Plant Manager, Keith Kidner Senior Quality Engineer. The four will also be completing the next level of this qualification in order to become internal trainers for the rest of the team.