Investing in BCE

BCE, the positively different, no lead and no tin brand of PVC-UE roofline, has seen even more investment from parent company Latium Building Products, in the last six months.

Tony Crutcher, Sales and Marketing Director of the BCE brand explains the continued investment: “BCE is a well established brand that offers our customers something different. We want to continuously invest in the brand to ensure we’re always giving customers what they need to stay ahead of the competition. That is why BCE products are Vinyl 2010 compliant and meet the Commission of the European Communities’ Directive 76/769 to ban DBT compounds, such as those used in tin stabilisers for PVC building products, that are supplied to the consumer that contain over the equivalent 0.1% weight of tin from 2012. This is backed by the largest sales force for PVC-UE building products in the UK.

“BCE customers are also supported by a comprehensive promotional package and continuous product development with 200 new products introduced in the last six months. This means it has one of the widest ranges of products available in the UK. BCE is supported behind the scenes too with its state of the art manufacturing facility, its own in-house mixing plant, foiling line and injection mouldings.”

Tony concludes: “BCE is a popular brand in the UK and we will continue to support our customers to ensure we keep them ahead of the competition with this positively different range of PVC-UE building products.”