BCE isn't just skin deep

The leading PVC-UE and PVC-U building products supplier, BCE is launching a new promotional campaign on the fact it uses 100% calcium organic stabilisers.

Some roofline manufacturers use calcium organic in the skin of their products claiming it helps colour fastness, but for BCE customers, it’s calcium organic to the core. “Environmental impact is more than just a matter of conscience in today’s building industry,” says Tony Crutcher, Sales and Marketing Director of BCE, “it is a critical business driver. Sustainability, whether in building design, the carbon footprint of materials or in the actual building process itself, is under intense scrutiny and increasingly regulation. Committed to helping our customers stay ahead of market trends, BCE has been working on future proofing our products in terms of environmental impact for several years. Eliminating lead content and switching 100% to calcium organic was the first step. We believe we have gone one step further and uniquely, offer the only product that has both a calcium organic core and calcium organic skin surface.

“We’ve gone further because we want to help our customers future proof their business and differentiate themselves now,” continues Tony. “We’ve also launched a campaign to promote our ‘Calcium Organic to the Core’ message. The campaign has its own identity with a new logo stamp and in its entirety will support our customers in making the most of the advantage they have over the competition. Ultimately it’s good to do the right thing by the environment, but if it helps our customers win even more sales along the way, that’s even better.”