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Building a Kestrel Strong Online Presence: How thethrowdest Soared BCE Cellular's Search Engine Rankings


In today's digital age, a robust online presence is crucial for any business, especially in the competitive construction supplies sector. BCE Cellular, a well-established UK company renowned for its innovative and high-quality building products, recognized this. Despite their long-standing reputation, their website wasn't attracting the desired level of online traffic or reaching potential customers searching for building supplies. BCE Cellular needed to elevate their search engine rankings and connect with architects, builders, and contractors actively seeking reliable building product solutions.

That's when they discovered thethrowdest's Fiverr Gig offering high-quality guest posting for link building. Check out the throwdest's gig for buying guest posts online I highly recommend it. Intrigued by the concept of leveraging relevant websites to boost their online visibility, BCE Cellular decided to give it a try. Here's a detailed account of their experience with thethrowdest and the remarkable impact it had on their SEO strategy.

The Power of Guest Posting and Link Building for the Construction Supply Industry

For those unfamiliar, guest posting involves creating informative articles for other websites within your industry. When these websites publish your guest posts and include a link back to your website (backlink), it signals trust and authority to search engines. The more high-quality backlinks you have from relevant websites in the construction industry, the higher your website will rank for targeted keywords related to building products.

Why BCE Cellular Chose thethrowdest: A Perfect Partnership

Several factors led BCE Cellular to choose thethrowdest's Fiverr Gig. First, their focus on high-quality guest posts resonated with BCE Cellular's commitment to excellence. They understood that low-quality backlinks could actually harm their SEO efforts. Additionally, thethrowdest offered niche-specific targeting, crucial for BCE Cellular's success in the specialized construction supply industry.

Tailoring thethrowdest's Service to BCE Cellular's Needs: A Collaborative Approach

From the start, thethrowdest impressed BCE Cellular with their collaborative approach. They took the time to understand BCE Cellular's unique brand history, merged product range under the Kestrel brand, and target audience. Together, they discussed relevant keywords BCE Cellular wanted to rank for, such as "maintenance-free building products UK," "high-quality building supplies architects," and "reliable Kestrel building products."

Based on these discussions, thethrowdest identified high-authority websites in the construction, architecture, and building sectors. These websites catered to architects, builders, contractors, and other professionals actively searching for innovative and reliable building solutions. This ensured that BCE Cellular's guest posts would reach the right audience and generate genuine interest in their Kestrel product range.

Crafting Content that Builds Trust with Construction Professionals

thethrowdest didn't just secure backlinks; they crafted compelling and informative guest posts aligned with BCE Cellular's brand image and their commitment to quality. These articles not only provided valuable insights to construction professionals but also strategically included backlinks to relevant pages on the BCE Cellular website showcasing the Kestrel product range. Here's how they approached content creation:

  • Highlighting Kestrel's Advantages: Guest posts focused on the benefits of using Kestrel building products, emphasizing their high-quality construction, maintenance-free properties, and wide variety of finishes. This addressed key concerns architects and builders have when selecting building materials.
  • Showcasing Expertise: Articles featured BCE Cellular's long history of innovation and design expertise in the construction industry. They highlighted the merger of BCE and Kestrel brands, demonstrating their commitment to providing a comprehensive and reliable product range under the Kestrel name.
  • Practical Applications: Guest posts offered practical advice for architects and builders, showcasing how Kestrel products could be used effectively in various construction projects. This provided valuable information to potential customers and established Kestrel as a trusted resource within the industry.

Seeing Results: thethrowdest's Impact on BCE Cellular's SEO

The results achieved through thethrowdest's guest posting service were truly remarkable. Within a few months, BCE Cellular started to see a significant increase in organic website traffic from architects, builders, and other construction professionals actively searching for building supplies. But more importantly, their rankings for targeted keywords like "maintenance-free building products UK" and "high-quality building supplies architects" skyrocketed to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). This translated into a noticeable increase in qualified leads and inquiries from potential clients interested in the Kestrel product range.

Transparency and Communication: Key Ingredients for Success

One of the things BCE Cellular appreciated most about working with thethrowdest was their constant communication and transparency. They kept BCE Cellular updated on the progress of the guest posting campaign and provided detailed reports on the backlinks secured and website traffic statistics. This level of transparency allowed BCE Cellular to track the campaign's effectiveness and make adjustments as needed

It's important to note that thethrowdest's service went beyond simply securing backlinks. They also offered valuable insights into broader SEO strategies specific to the construction supply industry. Here are some areas where their expertise proved beneficial:

  • On-Page Optimization: thethrowdest reviewed BCE Cellular's website and suggested improvements to title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt text for relevant Kestrel product pages. They ensured these elements incorporated targeted keywords to help search engines understand the website's content and its relevance to specific building products.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: thethrowdest suggested developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy for BCE Cellular's website blog and social media channels. This strategy could involve creating blog posts highlighting the latest industry trends in building materials, showcasing successful projects featuring Kestrel products, or offering tips for selecting the right building supplies for specific construction needs.
  • Visual Storytelling: They emphasized the importance of high-quality visuals on the BCE Cellular website. They recommended optimizing existing images of Kestrel products and incorporating compelling videos showcasing the products' installation process and their finished applications in various architectural styles.

The Power of Partnership: Collaboration is Key

A key factor in the success of this campaign was the collaborative approach adopted by thethrowdest. Here's how open communication fostered a successful partnership:

  • Shared Goals and Objectives: From the outset, there was a clear understanding of BCE Cellular's goals and objectives. thethrowdest tailored their strategies to achieve these goals, ensuring alignment throughout the campaign. This included a focus on promoting the newly merged Kestrel brand and its comprehensive product range.
  • Content Approval Process: A transparent content approval process was established. BCE Cellular had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the guest post topics and content before publication, ensuring brand consistency and message accuracy when showcasing the Kestrel product line.
  • Ongoing Communication: thethrowdest kept BCE Cellular updated on the progress of the guest posting campaign. They provided regular reports on backlinks secured, website traffic statistics, and keyword ranking improvements. This open communication fostered trust and allowed for adjustments to be made as needed, such as refining the targeted keywords to further optimize their efforts.

Measuring Success: Tracking thethrowdest's Impact

Tracking the results of the guest posting campaign was crucial to gauge its effectiveness. Here are some key metrics thethrowdest likely monitored and reported on:

  • Organic Website Traffic: A significant increase in organic website traffic, particularly from architects, builders, and construction professionals searching for building supplies in the UK, was a primary indicator of success. By tracking website visitors coming from search engines, thethrowdest could demonstrate the campaign's ability to attract BCE Cellular's target audience specifically interested in the Kestrel product range.
  • Keyword Ranking Improvements: thethrowdest likely tracked the ranking of targeted keywords like "maintenance-free building products UK," "high-quality building supplies architects," and "Kestrel building product reviews" on search engine results pages (SERPs). As these keywords climbed the rankings, it indicated a stronger SEO presence and improved visibility for BCE Cellular, specifically promoting the Kestrel brand and its offerings.
  • Lead Generation: Ultimately, the goal was to convert website traffic into qualified leads for BCE Cellular. thethrowdest may have tracked metrics like contact form submissions, phone call inquiries, and email requests for product quotes to showcase the campaign's ability to generate potential clients interested in the Kestrel building products.
  • Brand Awareness: Increased mentions of Kestrel products on construction industry blogs and publications were additional metrics to consider. This broader brand awareness further positioned Kestrel as a reliable and innovative building product supplier within the UK construction sector.

Beyond the Numbers: The Qualitative Impact

While numbers are important, thethrowdest's impact went beyond just metrics. Here are some of the qualitative benefits BCE Cellular experienced:

  • Strengthened Brand Identity: By securing guest posts on reputable websites in the construction industry, BCE Cellular successfully transitioned their customers to the Kestrel brand. The guest posts highlighted the combined expertise and product range offered under the Kestrel name, establishing it as a trusted source for high-quality building supplies.
  • Standing Out in a Competitive Market: The guest posting campaign helped Kestrel differentiate itself from competitors in the construction supply industry. The content showcased Kestrel's commitment to innovation, maintenance-free products, and a wide variety of finishes, catering to the specific needs of architects and builders.
  • Building Relationships with Industry Influencers: Guest posting on relevant websites not only generated leads but also established relationships with influential bloggers and journalists in the construction sector. These relationships could lead to future collaborations, media mentions for Kestrel products, and continued brand exposure within the industry.

A Blueprint for Success: Replicating thethrowdest's Magic

While the specifics of thethrowdest's approach may vary depending on your niche and target audience, the core principles outlined in this case study can be replicated to achieve similar SEO success in the construction supply industry. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Focus on High-Quality Guest Posting: Don't settle for low-quality backlinks. Partner with providers who prioritize niche-specific guest posting on authoritative websites relevant to architects, builders, and construction professionals in your target region.
  • Content is King: Create high-quality, informative guest posts that resonate with your target audience and establish your brand (Kestrel in this case) as a leading voice in the construction supply industry. Highlight the unique selling points of your products, such as their maintenance-free properties and diverse finishes. Showcase your design expertise and commitment to providing reliable building solutions. Utilize captivating visuals like photographs and videos to showcase your products in action.
  • Embrace Collaboration: Work closely with your SEO partner to ensure alignment with your goals and objectives. Maintain a transparent content approval process to guarantee brand consistency and message accuracy when promoting your products. Open communication is key to a successful campaign.
  • Track and Analyze Results: Monitor key metrics like website traffic, keyword rankings, lead generation, and brand awareness to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.
  • Go Beyond the Numbers: Consider the qualitative impact of your SEO campaign, such as enhanced brand identity (like BCE Cellular's successful transition to the Kestrel brand), standing out in a competitive market, and building long-term relationships with industry influencers.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy: Complement your guest posting efforts with a robust content marketing strategy for your website blog and social media channels. Create informative blog posts highlighting the latest industry trends in building materials, showcase successful projects featuring Kestrel products, or offer tips for selecting the right building supplies for specific construction needs.

The Road to Success: A Collaborative Journey

BCE Cellular's experience with thethrowdest's Fiverr Gig serves as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed guest posting campaign combined with a focus on industry-specific SEO strategies. By leveraging thethrowdest's expertise in niche-specific targeting, high-quality content creation, and ongoing communication, BCE Cellular achieved significant improvements in website traffic, keyword rankings, and lead generation. This case study not only highlights thethrowdest's exceptional service but also provides valuable insights for any construction supply company looking to dominate search engine results pages and attract a wider audience of architects, builders, and contractors seeking innovative and reliable building product solutions.

Ready to elevate your brand and showcase the strength of your construction supplies to the UK market? Consider partnering with a skilled SEO provider like thethrowdest and empower your Kestrel brand to soar to new heights online.

The specific details of thethrowdest's strategies and the results achieved for BCE Cellular may vary depending on the circumstances. It's recommended to reach out to thethrowdest directly to discuss your specific needs and goals.