Roofline Products

Roofline Product Range:
Gallows Brackets & Finials

BCE's range of PVC-UE roofline products help to ensure a long-lasting fine finish to any domestic or commercial building.


Plain Gallows Brackets New Product

Gallows Bracket Plain

GBP/400 - Gallows Bracket 400 X 400 Plain
GBP/500 - Gallows Bracket 500 X 500 Plain
GBP/600 - Gallows Bracket 600 X 600 Plain
GBP/700 - Gallows Bracket 700 X 700 Plain

Decorative Gallows Brackets New Product

Gallows Bracket Decorative

GBD/565 - Gallows Bracket 565 X 450 Decorative
GBD/750 - Gallows Bracket 750 X 600 Decorative

2D Flat Finials New Product

 2D Flat Finial

BBF3101 - 2D Flat Finial 310mm x 60mm
BBF3501 - 2D Flat Finial 350 x 95mm

3D Finials New Product

3D Finial

FIN/900 - 3D Finial 900mm
FIN/1300 - 3D Finial 1300mm