The Future is Rosey for BCE Stockists

Nothing stands still, so stockists and installers need suppliers to adapt to changing demands. BCE, the positively different brand of PVC-U and PVC-UE roofline, cladding, window board and trim products, already offers a vast product range, but now announces the expansion of its current choice of six rosewood trims to 13.

“The market is demanding more rosewood products,” explains Tony Crutcher, Sales and Marketing Director of the brand, BCE. “More consumers are opting for rosewood windows for example, which may be as an extension to an existing range, or to replace existing mahogany windows. And they want the building products to match. We want to help our customers stay ahead of changing markets, which is why we have extended our already comprehensive range of rosewood trims.

“All our product updates or additions, just like this one, are made with the stockist and the installer in mind. We recognise it’s a competitive market and want to do everything we can to support our customers to ensure they win new business and continue to increase sales.”