BCE Develops Foil Product Range for Even Better Sustainability

BCE, the positively different brand of 100% calcium organic PVC-UE and PVC-U building products, is pleased to announce the latest development to its foiled product range. BCE’s range of woodgrain foiled building products now contains next generation technology that reduces the heat build up on these darker items.

Tony Crutcher, Sales and Marketing Director of the BCE brand, explains: “BCE is always looking at ways to continuously improve its offering, and the introduction of this new technology to our new, more sustainable foiled range, will give all our housing association, local authority and New Build customers an additional peace of mind when installing our foiled products.

“Historically foiled products last extremely well for over 15 years, but dark colours can absorb more energy from sunlight than lighter PVC products. This causes them to get hotter during the day and to expand slightly, which can be compensated for in the way they are fitted. However not installers are aware of the correct way to fit foiled cladding and this reduction in heat build up helps to reduce human error.

“The new technology reduces the surface temperature increase by up to ten degrees. This, combined with the proven installation procedures, reduces the thermal stresses on the material throughout its life cycle which in turn allows us to keep the same great look and performance of the product while making it more robust, improving longevity and therefore sustainability, and offering even higher levels of customer confidence.”