Roofline Product Range:
Fascia & Barge Boards

BCE's range of PVC-UE roofline products help to ensure a long-lasting fine finish to any domestic or commercial building.


ABL Range - Buffalo Board 18mm - Return Leg 42mm

Our Classic Buffalo Board is available in Mid White, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Black Ash and Rosewood.

ABL1005 - 100mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL1505 - 150mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL1755 - 175mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL2005 - 200mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL2255 - 225mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL2505 - 250mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL3005 - 300mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg
ABL4055 - 405mm Buffalo Board 42mm Leg (Double Leg)

ABE Range - Universal Board 10mm - Return Leg 42mm

Universal board with a 42mm return leg to give you extra coverage depth just when you need it the most. Available in Mid White, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Black Ash and Rosewood.

ABE1005 - 100mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE1255 - 125mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE1505 - 150mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE1755 - 175mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE2005 - 200mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE2255 - 225mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE2505 - 250mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE2755 - 275mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE3005 - 300mm Universal Board 42mm Leg
ABE3545 - 354mm Universal Board 42mm Leg (Double Leg)
ABE4545 - 454mm Universal Board 42mm Leg (Double Leg)

Accessories for ABL & ABE Ranges

CLR3001 - In-Line Joint 300mm
CLC3001 - Corner Joint 300mm
CIS0421 - Internal Corner 300mm
CFE0421 - Board End Moulding 50mm
CFE3421 - Board End Moulded Strip 300mm
CVR3001 - Foiled In-Line Joint 300mm
CVC3001 - Foiled Corner Joint 300mm
CVS0421 - Foiled Internal Corner 300mm
CEC1351 - External 135° Corner Joint (D/E - Square / Ogee)
CIC1351 - Internal 135° Corner Joint (D/E - Square / Ogee)
CIS1351 - 135° Fascia Corner Internal 300mm
CLC5001 - Double Ended External Corner 500mm
CLR4001 - In-Line Joint 400mm

OBL Range - O-Gee Buffalo Board 18mm

Our elegant O-Gee buffalo board is available in Mid White.

OBL1505 - 150mm O-Gee Buffalo Board
OBL1755 - 175mm O-Gee Buffalo Board
OBL2005 - 200mm O-Gee Buffalo Board
OBL2255 - 225mm O-Gee Buffalo Board
OBL2505 - 250mm O-Gee Buffalo Board
OBL4055 - 405mm O-Gee Buffalo Board (Double Leg)

Accessories for OBL Range

CGR0421 - OBL In-Line Joint 300mm
CGC0421 - OBL Corner Joint 300mm
CIG0421 - OBL Internal Corner 300mm

ABF Range - O-Gee Board 8mm

Our classic O-Gee boards are available in Mid White, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Blask Ash, Rosewood, Creamgrain, Black or Cream providing a perfect stylish finish.

ABF1505 - 150mm O-Gee Board
ABF1755 - 175mm O-Gee Board
ABF2005 - 200mm O-Gee Board
ABF2255 - 225mm O-Gee Board
ABF2505 - 250mm O-Gee Board
ABF4055 - 405mm O-Gee Board (Double Leg)

Accessories for ABF Range

CJR3001 - ABF In-Line Joint 300mm
CJC3001 - ABF Corner Joint 300mm
CJI3001 - ABF Internal corner Joint 300mm
CJC1351 - ABF 135 degree Corner Joint 300mm

ABB Range - 16mm Bully Board (25mm nose)

16mm bully boards with a 25mm nose are available in Mid White.

ABB1505 - 150mm x 16mm
ABB1755 - 175mm x 16mm
ABB2005 - 200mm x 16mm
ABB2255 - 225mm x 16mm
ABB2505 - 250mm x 16mm
ABB4055 - 405mm x 14mm (Double edged)

Accessories for ABB Range

CBR3001 - ABB In-Line Joint
CBC3001 - ABB Corner Joint
CBI3001 - ABB Internal Corner Joint
CBC6001 - ABB Corner Joint 600mm
CFE3001 - ABB Board End Moulded Strip
CFE0501 - ABB Board End Cap - 50mm

Decorative Barge Board 16mm

V-Crest - 220mm x 16mm Convex Ornate Board
V-Wave - 220mm x 16mm Concave Ornate Board