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Roof maintenance is costly and causes disruption for tenants. The simple solution is to incorporate Preventative Maintenance in to your new build and refurbishment plans.

By using products, which require no maintenance, the problem is eradicated. This is where BCE Cellular Extrusions roofline systems provide a real benefit. The use of PVC-UE (a weatherable material which does not require treating or painting) for roofline applications is the only option. Installing PVC-UE roofline eliminates the need for regular maintenance and redecoration and gives quantifiable cost savings. Savings which continue over the lifetime of the building.

Short term savings on building materials through the use of timber in exposed roofline areas could, in reality, be storing up long term costs in repair and maintenance. For clients where maintenance is a significant consideration in the function and operation of their property stock, PVC-UE does offer significant advantages both in terms of cost and performance.

Add to this the CDM regulations regarding maintenance, which places the specifier in "the line of fire", should they design a building or building element that cannot be maintained. This is especially important for those organisations which own and operate buildings with several floors and difficult to access roof areas.

It is not just over the long term that cost savings can be equated. When it comes to site work PVC-UE offers a number of benefits. It is not adversely affected by wet or damp conditions which means that fitting can continue in bad weather.

Equally, it is a factory-manufactured product which conforms to consistent quality standards, something which cannot always be said of site timber.

PVC-UE is a "one fix" operation; there are no follow-on or finishing trades like decorators to consider. This not only reduces the fitted cost of the product, but also condenses the build programme, allowing the finishing trades earlier access to other areas of the building.

In addition, as the products handle and fix like timber they can be scheduled into the build programme in exactly the same way, there is no need to make special allowances in the planning of site work.

All of which makes PVC-UE an attractive, added value option on new build or refurbishment projects. For more information on Preventative Maintenance from BCE Cellular Extrusions contact Joanne Bowater on 01724 281440.

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